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International Manifesto for the Insertion of Young Adults in Danger


I sign, I am committed


Every day, worldwide, numerous Young Adults, aged 15 to 24, join the ranks of those living below the extreme poverty threshold and in exclusion (1.5$/day). In 2012 they are 550 million, 89% of whom live in developing countries, as well as 60 million living in developed countries.


Since 2000, the number of people suffering from hunger has been growing constantly. 

Over the next 12 years the number of these Young Adults who receive no share of the benefits of progress will exceed the shocking figure of 1 billion.


Challenges are numerous: demographic growth, economic globalization, productivity leading to shrinking labor needs, loss of family values, disparity between education and employment needs, lack of investment focused on Young Adults or growing disinterest for Young excluded Adults.


Action is urgently required.


We acknowledge that the Young are the future of our world,


We believe in the importance of a successful bridge into the adult world,


We recognize their energy, their dynamism, and their ability to innovate. 


Therefore, let us unite to give them access to their future!


We know these Young Adults can pull through when given the encouragement of a positive look, when they gain confidence in themselves and in others, when learning opportunities are brought within reach, when they are free from hunger and alienation, when they are allowed to make mistakes. 


Therefore, let us act for and on behalf of all Young Adults throughout the world!

It is our belief that the duty of acting for and on behalf of Young Adults lies not just with governments, schools or ONGs, but with each one of us. We can all make the commitment to be available for the Young Adults, every day, wherever we may be.


We believe that there is not a unique solution to the insertion of Young Adults in danger, but as many solutions as there are circumstances in the world. By sharing our experiences, pooling our resources, uniting our knowledge, we can act together for the cause of Young Adults who are today excluded. Thus they will tomorrow, be able to hold their place and be the entrepreneurs of greater freedom in the world.


Together, let us commit, let us act with and for the Young Adults.


Welcome in the Youth 4 Change Network!