Professional Training for Entrepreneurs


18 months


To ensure the social and professional integration of Young Adults


Each Young Adult is invited to join a team of 15 others to work together on a micro-economic activity: from the creation to the development and management of a business. This apprenticeship, called Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE), gives them the keys to managing their own lives, to get out of exclusion and to have a decent life (employment, accommodation, good health and nutrition, education).


The Professional Training for Entrepreneurs is a pedagogical journey lasting 18 months on average, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and is structured around 3 pillars:


   - WORK (2 and a half days per week): creation, development and management of a micro economic activity.  

   - LEARN (1 and a half days per week): English, IT, communication training and catch up education.

   - GUIDE (1 day per week): coaching to further their personal skills and build their Life Project Plan.


The PTE is divided into 4 successive stages of about 4 months each: Autonomy, Responsibility,

Management (all of which take place in the LPC) and Entrepreneurship, which is an internship or first job.