2013 - Y4C International Forum

Youth 4 Change International Forum 2013

May 29th, 2013 - Paris

The Youth 4 Change international forum 2013 took place in Paris on May 29th under the banner “Which sustainable initiatives for the integration of Youth in danger?”. Its objective was to seek, share, encourage, any initiatives and actions that allow, in a sustainable and specific manner, the inclusion of young people in situations of exclusion. The audience and participants of the forum were made up of youth inclusion practitioners such as NGOs, associations and community programs, but also academic scholars, businesses and students.

The Forum included a portrait exhibition, a presentation of the Y4C 2013 report, interactive workshops, a roundtable discussion and a manifesto signature and cocktail reception.

Hence, participants were able to choose between a number of parallel interactive workshops, addressing the issues of youth participation in training programs, the passage from accompaniment to professional life, the planning of personal life projects, the volunteer role, key actions for successful inclusion, and cooperation tools for inclusion actors.

Afterwards, Frédérique Bedos (journalist and founder of Projet Imagine) animated a roundtable discussion composed of Philippe Jeammet (child psychiatrist), Sambala Gakou (leader at CEPIJE), Pierre-François Graffin (general director of FIDESCO) and Lieutenant-Colonel Boccon Liaudet (SMA). The collective discussion touched upon issues such as humanitarian and social entrepreneurship, open source approaches and networking of youth inclusion actor.

Some of our partners participating in the forum were Accenture, Afrique Jeunesse, Apprentis d’Auteuil, Aux Captifs La Libération, le CEPIJE, la DCC, Enfants du Mékong, Fidesco, Grafeez, Hors la rue, IECD, Irénicashé, le Projet Imagine, Les Compagnons du Devoir, Life Project 4 Youth, Nos Quartiers ont des talents, Planète d’entrepreneurs, Planet Finance, le SMA, Sport dans la ville, UnisCité, Village Pilote, Virlanie, World Youth Alliance…

The Youth 4 Change Network International Forum 2017 will be held at the end of May 2017 in Paris.

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