Y4CN Training in Kolkata, India

From last June 23rd to the 25th, Y4CN organized a new experience-based seminar (Xperience Lab) on the theme “Experiencing excluded Youth capabilities for entrepreneurship” in Hossenpur - an underprivileged area of Kolkata.

Around 20 participants from Kolkata attended this three-day event - held within a Life Project Center of LP4Y, the Youth inclusion wing of Tomorrow’s Foundation in India.

The main objective of this new Y4CN Lab was to experience the capabilities of excluded youth in becoming entrepreneurs and to discover a pedagogy to engage with them on an “entrepreneurship” journey. As mentioned by Arup Ghosh, co-founder of TF, “this seminar is a “trailer” on a pedagogy that is worth disseminating in all parts of India, not only in urban context but also in rural areas”. It was a great opportunity to go into the slums, to meet with the Youth and think about solutions for their professional integration. As mentioned by one of the participants, "it was wonderful to be in the field and follow the mantra of “learning by doing””. Another one confessed: “ Yes, visiting the slums was excellent indeed. Despite being a citizen of Kolkata, it was a rare and unique chance to get to visit and meet with them (the Youth)”.

Thanks to this hands-on interactive seminar, participants got a better understanding of the needs of the excluded Youth in this area. They learned the importance of the positive attitude to have when engaging with the Youth in a Micro-Economic Initiative (MEI). In the LP4Y pedagogy, the MEI is a key enabler to restore the Youth self-confidence and to develop their eco-system of integration. As some of the participants might or will be future coaches, they also developed their knowledge about the role, responsibility and posture that this mission implies. At the end of the seminar, Abhijeet concluded by saying: "I would contact the local Youth in my area and start a similar program. I will keep in touch with the Y4CN team for future associations". Nittika enhanced that point of view in her feedback: "Further seminars will give us more information and a detailed concept on your pedagogy of integration through entrepreneurship, we hope”.

A call for action...in favor of “Connect, Experience and Act in favor of professional and social integration of excluded or vulnerable young people”: the motto of Y4CN!

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