Y4CN training in Bondy, France

Mid-May, Y4CN organized an experience-based seminar, an Xperience Lab on the theme “Visions of Youth and Exclusion”.

25 participants from France, Belgium and Luxemburg stayed during three days in Bondy (a suburban area in the north-east of Paris), a place considered until 2015 as a "Sensitive Urban Area" and henceforth as a prioritary neighborhood for urban policies.

The seminar was a great opportunity to meet and live with the inhabitants of "les cités Nord de Bondy". As mentioned by one of the organizers, "this was an experience for everybody including us ! It helped to experience the Do-It Together. More than ever, we need mind openness, respect and common actions all together to move forward our society and reduce excluding situations".

Indeed, the main objective this Y4CN Xperience Lab was to change our representations of these areas often badly depicted by the media, by experiencing positive interactions with Youth and by building projects together. Thanks to this hands-on interactive training, participants got a better understanding of barriers and levers for meeting others, learned to appreciate diversity and how to inspire and guide those who are willing to contribute further to integration of Youth. Some of the projects of the activity “Do-It Together, Within the Diversity” included publishing portraits of the community on a Facebook page (Humans of Bondy, https://www.facebook.com/Humans-of-Bondy-582401621934290/?fref=ts), realizing a small documentary with youngsters and preparing a meal (couscous) with a Moroccan community.

Here are some remarks and thoughts of the participants of this training :

  • Aurélie : "It's a good thing to take the time to take time, in an open posture and ultimately for ourselves."

  • Lucie : "I am impressed by the quality and enchantment of the experience we lived,as well as the astonishment. For me, the main strength of the seminar was the spontaneous and unfettered aspect, its authenticity. This is what distinguishes it from other types of training."

  • Michel : "The interest in" removing barriers " seems obvious and in that regards the seminar and its activities were appreciated by the participants".

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