Using Google for your non-profit

Since 2007 Google has made several of its services and products free of charge for non-profits. These products can all be useful tools in helping non-profits organize, set goals, plan and raise awareness for their cause.

What does Google offer non-profts?

​G Suite for Nonprofits

Firstly, a non-profit can use a free version of the G Suite cloud-based productivity suite, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and more. You’ll be able to send professional emails from your non-profits adress ( It also comes with 30GB online storage per user and 24/7 live support.

Google Ad Grants

There is also an app called AdWords, which helps promoting your website on Google Search results through keyword targeting.

YouTube Nonprofit Program

Since Youtube is part of Google, a non-profit can also use YouTube as a resource in campaigns and when raising awareness. You can raise money for your cause using donation cards, which gives viewers the opportunity to make a donation to your organization right from your video on YouTube.

Google One Today

There is also Google One Today, which is a free fundraising app where all the money raised goes directly to the non-profit.

Is your non-profit eligible for the programme?

The eligibility criteria are specified for different countries here.

Please note that the sole purpose of this article is to spread information valuable for non-profits. Y4CN was not paid nor endorsed by Google to post this article.


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