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Being part of Y4CN:
what does it mean?

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''Etijah is an organization specializing in Youth Empowerment, established and based in Egypt. Being active in ‘’Global Networks of NGOs’’, to being open to different learning opportunities, is part of Etijah’s vision. Throughout our 5 years of membership in Y4CN, we had the chance to enter into contact with many global NGOs. We had the chance to share experiences and dialogue, as well as to participate in concerted actions in order to promote community development, especially youth development. Being a member of Y4CN is, to promote global cooperation and connection among NGOs through information sharing, knowledge exchange, and capacity building, in addition, to enhancing knowledge transfer from local to global levels, and vice versa. It is the opportunity to build the resilience of communities, and to encourage them to play an active role in mainstreaming youth development, women’s empowerment, and equality in our communities. By being a member of Y4CN, Etijah’s contribute to increasing the voice of NGOs as well as their visibility regarding their ongoing global effort to facilitate youth development in local contexts. It also facilitates access to global and shared resources (knowledge, skills, networks, partnerships, funding, etc.), 

We are very pleased to be part of the Y4CN family!''


Karim Shawer, head of programs in Etijah. 

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