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Clarisse Fabrèges

Members Coordinator

"I have had the opportunity - with the NGO Life Project 4 Youth - to work for one year with excluded Youth in Vietnam and to accompany them towards their social and professional inclusion. 


In contact with them, I learned and shared so much, I discovered their motivation and passion, their desire to change and move forward. But, above all, I realized how all the possibilities are getting wider when we are working together; how it is important to be able to share and act together to allow a real social and professional integration of these excluded youth.

That’s why, after this extremely enriching year, I decided to continue to support Youth inclusion and joined Y4CN: for the sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practices in favor of this cause.


By combining our energies, let us not miss all the potential of these Youth!"

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Quitterie Campagne


"After working for Life Project 4 Youth, on the partnerships development in Vietnam for a year, and being a support for all the team on different matters, I realized so many things about the impact of youth empowerment. On a daily basis, I was working with youth victims of extreme poverty, excluded from the decent professional world ; and, step by step, they made me understand how their background are nothing but strengths both for their personal and professional development. 

By working with different NGOs, I started to understand how important it is to be able to share best practices on specific topics, to support the youth on their daily journeys towards professional inclusion by keeping them motivated through different types of training, and/or activities. It’s more than inspiring to join today the Y4CN team in order to further develop such actions in the field by getting to know more about international challenges and concrete solutions. 

The youth are our future : let’s join forces for everyone to see how powerful it can be to work together!"

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Since 2012, Youth 4 Change Network has been partnering with SciencesPo (Paris Institute of Political Studies) by involving each year a team of 5 to 6 students coming from all over the world in the development of the project.

Sciences Po is France’s leading university in the social sciences and has been educating decision-makers in the public and private sectors for the past 140 years.

Ilayda Takil

United States

Luxembourg Conference Facilitator 

"Youth exclusion is an international issue which disrupts youths’ transition into adulthood and continues to negatively affect youths’ labor market success and social wellbeing over the long term. Since youth are particularly vulnerable to the effects of increasing socioeconomic inequalities, the issue of youth exclusion deserves great attention. As a Public Policy student specializing in Social Policy and Social Innovation, I am interested in the development of innovative policies which can improve the social and economic integration of underserved youth. I firmly believe in the value of sharing knowledge and best practices as a way to empower young adults, and am thrilled to be a part of Youth 4 Change Network as a way to support this aim."

Jordan Bates Wright


2020 Forum Coordinator


"I am a Canadian first year Masters student in International Public Management at Sciences Po Paris. I am thrilled to be working with Youth 4 Change this year to support the incredible work being done by its members. The years of our youth are critical in determining the course of the rest of our lives yet many young people lack critical access to opportunities and resources that would enable them to set themselves up for success. In order to develop truly innovative and effective solutions for young people we need to be able to share knowledge and experience. I hope to facilitate this exchange through our network in my role this year and to develop my skills so that I can continue to contribute to the fight for more inclusive economies and societies in the future."

Costanza Pestarino


2020 Forum Coordinator


"I am a motivated International Security Master student at Sciences Po Paris with concentrations in Europe and Global Risks. I am extremely passionate about EU-Russia relations. For this main reason, I spent five months in Moscow as an exchange student at the Higher School of Economics.  I chose this project because I firmly consider it crucial to face and approach reality concretely, a reality that is made up of communities that increasingly cut off young people from the job market.

The Youth 4 Change Network, by focusing on one of the most undervalued issues of recent years, that is to say, the integration of excluded or extremely vulnerable young people can bring about positive changes."

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Ivana Jimenez Barrios


RDJeunes Conference Facilitator


"In a world where globalization and economic development are taking the lead in the way we conceive opportunities and integration across nations, it is key to involve young people into this process as they are the new actors of tomorrows’ change. Youngsters of all countries are building their paths in this transition towards the work field without being able to exploit their full potential, and it is time they start to receive the tools needed in order for them to be able to work towards any future they want. As a student in Human Rights at Sciences Po, I am very grateful for the opportunity to join the Youth 4 Change Network since being part of this project will help to better integrate youngsters from different backgrounds that have grown in difficult environments, towards a society where human rights are not to be claimed but rather exercised without being restrained by socio-economic conditions."

Darshi Shah


Communications Manager


"I am an Indian, who has been born and brought up in Mumbai her entire life. I am an exchange student at Sciences Po, studying courses related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Being a privileged urban Indian, I realised a few years back while studying Sociology at my home university, how much of an impact I could make to the society; and thus started my journey towards wanting to create social change. From then on, I have been involved in The Social Service League of my university (St.Xavier's College), teaching underprivileged children, painting underfunded schools, etc. and have also interned at some NGOs in India. But the idea of working with and for youth sparked in me last year when I came across an NGO which was preparing youth of my age to get a job. They had similar education and qualification like mine, but because they were from low socially economic backgrounds, it was difficult for them to understand the nitty-gritty of the skills required for the interview or job. This introduced me to the problem of youth exclusion and when the opportunity of being part of the collective project of Y4CN came at Sciences Po, I was very eager to participate in it. I hope my previous experiences and my learnings help me with my work at Y4CN and I am able to communicate efficiently in order for Y4CN to receive the recognition it deserves." 

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Jean-Marc Delaporte