Scarred by life
Transformation at the heart of exclusion
Lucie Taurines
They are 17 to 24 years old and live in the streets of Manila. Rejected by their families, they come out of prison; they are mothers, young and alone. All are struggling to survive and for them, every day is a test.


Since 2009, volunteers take turns regularly to live with them and show them they are not alone, that their destiny is not written in advance and they can build a real life project. "Two years to get out! "This is the program that offers Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), NGO for social and professional integration of Youth in a more decent world.

Lucie Taurines lived for 3 years as a volunteer. At the age of 26, she chose to leave behind her business career all mapped out and her Western life comfort to meet with these underpriviledged Youth. In this exciting journal, she relates about her mission marked by tears and laughter, dramatic episodes and successes. An exceptional adventure, full of discoveries and outstanding personalities, in which the author went also through a personal journey to discover herself.

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